Decluttering the Uber Tech Blog

Aman Garg
2 min readMar 12, 2021

Uber engineering blogs are a goldmine that provide solid insights into their architectures. There’s no doubt. Like all big tech firms, they take great pride in the quality of their content.

However, there’s something off about how the page is structured. Too much focus on sidebars, big sticky headers and misaligned content.

I find myself spending so much time perusing these blogs that I have gotten insanely triggered by the small nits that violate my user experience.

Default Mode

I developed an extension to help declutter this. It essentially addresses these problems in order. The results are self explanatory.

Focussed Mode. On the content. Nowhere else. Neat margins.

The code for this is open source. In fact it’s one of the smallest codebases I’ve ever pushed. Now there’s plenty of ways in which this could be made more useful and configurable, but for now, I’m KISS.

Handling problems one at a time like a JS pro. (I’m being sarcastic)

If you, like me are annoyed by this, simply install the extension and forget about it. This extension requires basically zero permissions.

This is available on the Chrome Web Store 😄

Whenever the page loads, you are presented with a clean, decluttered view of the blog post.