Thanks for sharing. Would recommend switching to a consistent throughput unit to save on the reader's mental bandwidth.

The article switches anywhere from Billion / day as the title to per minute (when talking about feature store ingestion) to per second (write capacity units).

This makes it hard to grasp the impact. 1 Billion per day sounds like a lot (probably to garner readers' attention), but if you put it simply, it's just 270 K messages/sec. Otherwise, might as well say "How we process 1/3 trillion messages a year"

Having one standardised unit would help in improving the effectiveness of the changes you highlight.

Hey Nikhil, thanks for reading. That's a good callout. However, for most scenarios, you' want to generate an ID yourself instead of relying on the database sequence, in which case it would be deterministically available in the app memory before you write the record, say a UUID or better ksuid.

Aman Garg

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